Retail Insurance

We provide tailored and packaged insurance for shops, e-commerce stores and all other retail businesses that sell stock or provide a service, protecting your premises, staff and customers.

Whether you run a boutique clothes shop, a coffee shop, beauty shop, an online pet store, or otherwise, we are able to deliver solutions that ensures full protection against all insurable risks. 

With access to a good range of major UK insurers, and also with access to Lloyds of London via our Lloyds Brokers and our networks, we are able to link up our clients with the major insurers and also specialist providers based in the London markets.

We are independent. We will take time to understand your business and its operation. This will include what retail services you provide, where you source your supplies, the nature and extent of any processes you have on the premises, your fire and security arrangements, your risk precautions, including health and safety and where relevant any statutory inspections. We will look at the risks. We will brief and discuss with you what covers are available, what major risks you should consider, what covers might or might not be necessary.

We then seek the most competitive terms for you based on your demands and needs, addressing any specific points you might have raised.

Looking for help? We are easily contactable. We are also happy to visit you at your business premises. Such visits would only be carried out with your agreement and by prior appointment.

We look forward to being of service.