Many insurers prefer their policyholders to contact them direct to make a claim.

We recognise that, but there are times when a client will be uncertain about the process, how to go about it, what to do or unsure whether they would be entitled to claim or whether making a claim would be worthwhile.

At Jequier Newitt, we are available to assist. If you find yourself in that situation, simply call us and we will talk you through the process and discuss any issues you raise. If you are still uncertain, we would be happy to initiate the claim notification for you and act on your behalf.

Regardless, where we are notified of a claim, we will monitor its progress until it has been satisfactorily concluded. We find most claims are settled efficiently, promptly and fairly

We are here to help. On the very rare occasion an issue arises, we will provide guidance and will intervene where necessary or where requested by you. We are happy to negotiate on client’s behalf

It is our aim to ensure as little disruption to yourself as possible and we believe that you will find our in-house claims back-up service to be both proficient and capable throughout the entire claims process. 

For further information and relevant contact information, please select private or commercial claims by clicking on the appropriate link below.